Boom Town Fireworks

Phoenix Premium

PowerSource is proud to announce the arrival of the next level of excellence in reloadable artillery shells.
Introducing the Phoenix!

Each Phoenix reloadable set contains:

  • 24 Premium canister shells with the maximum legal load of 60g per shell
  • 4 High performance fiberglass launch tubes with a solid and stable base
  • Maximum symmetrical breaks with a variety of vivid colors
  • Maximum height with every shot
  • Maximum report with every shot

Additionally, each kit contains four sets of 6 premium canister shells and 1 launch tube encased within a plastic clamshell package for easier retailing of individual packs. Each shell is labeled with its effect so you know exactly what you are launching, which makes for a better choreographed display.

Each Phoenix reloadable set includes one each of the following effects:

  • Deep Red on Red
  • Blue and Silver
  • Green Chrysanthemum
  • Purple Chrysanthemum
  • Blue with Strobes
  • Purple Wave
  • Sizzling Crackling Willow
  • Pink and Silver
  • Green and Silver
  • Silver Strobe
  • Gold Brocade
  • Cracklescape
  • Red Chrysanthemum
  • Color Peonies
  • Silver and Gold
  • Red and Gold
  • Red and Silver
  • Gold and Blue
  • AND 6 of our brand new Gold Willow shells, exclusive to ONLY the Phoenix!

Once you try the Phoenix, you will never need another premium reloadable shell kit.